Thiru Valluvar Statue Information

        This statue of the great Tamil poet, Thiruvalluvar is built exactly of that of the statue of Liberty in America. The stone statue is 133 feet high representing the 38 chapters in the first part of the Kural (Virtue) and the 95 ft statue represents the total chapters in the second and third parts of the Kural, Wealth and Love.  Thus the statue symbolizes the themes of wealth love based on virtue.

The pedestal is surrounded by an artistic mandapam known as alankara mandapam.  Surrounding this mandapam stand statues of ten elephants.  To help the visitors to worship the holy feet of the saint 140 steps are constructed inside the mandapam.  The foundation stone for the statue was laid in 1979.  Five hundred sculptors were engaged for this work under the able guidance of Dr. Ganapathi Sthapathi and the work was completed in 1999.  The state was inaugurated on 1st January 2000 by Dr.Mu. Karunanidhi,  the then chief minister of Tamil nadu.

Information About Thiruvalluvar Statue

Height of the statue                            95 ft
Height of the pedestal 38 ft
Height of the face 10 ft
Height of the body part 30 ft
Height of the legs 20 ft
Length of the forearm 10 ft
Length of the palm leaves 10 ft
Width of the shoulders 30 ft
Length of the matted hair 5 ft
Total Weight 7000 tons